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Dōshin is a multi-instrumentalist downtempo producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Layering atmospheric and percussive textures amid lyrical melodies, Dōshin forges tracks that transport listeners across genre and style. Trip-hop beats, electronic production and multi-instrumental composition fuse notes of alternative and indie R&B with lo-fi, chill beats and jazz, conjuring a soulful, ethereal and vibrant exploration of contemplative textures and intense vibes.

Dōshin’s music marries guitar, piano, synthesizers, electronic beats, and live percussion. He pursued jazz guitar in college and considers his work to be an evolution of his prolific writing as an indie R&B and alternative singer/songwriter under his given name, Joshua Worden.

Worden’s music has earned critical acclaim by Obscure Sound, Indie Shuffle, Addicted, and Tattoo.com, among others. "Joshua Worden's eclectic, atmospheric sound is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens' electro-minded The Age of Adz," wrote Obscure Sound in a review, "incorporating smooth vocals with a reverbed percussive presence and electronic flourishes." The music podcast No Fillers described Worden's writing as "intimate" and "impossibly soulful," able to "bounce around your ears with slow and purposeful fury."